Bad Bunny Bundle (5 Pairs)
Bad Bunny Bundle (5 Pairs)

Bad Bunny Bundle (5 Pairs)

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The perfect gift for your Baddy Bunny Lover. Our Bad Bunny Bundle (5 Pair) includes:

1 Pink pair of Splash Socks,

1 Orange pair of Splash Socks,

1 Yellow pair of Splash Socks,

1 Green pair of Splash Socks,

1 Aqua Blue pair of Splash Socks.

Bad Bunny Stickers

Package options: Gift box + gift wrap, gift box, and socks only.

Please note: "Socks Only" option will arrive in a bag. To receive item as pictured you must order the gift box option or gift box + gift wrap option.

Size Options: Medium (US 4-7), Large (US 7-12)

Splash Socks are washed during the dying process and may shrink. We recommend sizing up if you're in-between sizes. 

Substitutions may apply.